670 000 0000 views. Don’t speak. Hit for all times.

Gwen Stefani is a popular artist whose name continues to be famous today. She now performs as a solo artist and songwriter. In the 90s, the girl was the soloist of the No Doubt band, which was very popular. In 1995, the album “Tragic Kingdom” was released, which made the band famous. One of the most popular rock ballads from this record was the song “Don’t speak”, which was the result of a breakup

Vocalists with bassist Tony Canal. Their relationship lasted 7 years and emotional experiences resulted in such a beautiful song. This composition was popular in many European countries. After its release, it became widely quoted on the airwaves and was one of the most performed on US radio in 1996. By itself, this composition is a bitter lyric and describes the state of a girl who feels bitterness from parting with her

A young man. The song is really considered very sincere and emotional. At the end of the video, Tony places the fruit back on the tree. It should be noted that the video was awarded the MTV Video Music Awards in the nomination “Best Video of the Group”. He really deserves special attention. It should be noted that in this composition, Gwen fully revealed her amazing vocal abilities. You can listen to the amazing song by watching the video below: