A song that will live forever in our hearts. The unrivaled Joe Dassin.

Impossible not to fall in love with this voice! It exudes warmth and tenderness! This composition even now causes some special nostalgia. Joe Dassin is a great singer. Just an abyss of charm and talent. He was also a very bright and positive person in life. Although, like all creative personalities, he faced considerable difficulties in life. His songs have now been covered a thousand times. But no one will perform better than the original. There is definitely something special in Dassin’s voice. And the artist owned it

Simply virtuoso. I especially like his song “Indian Summer”. This tune is hard to miss! I used to dance to it with my future husband. That is why this composition makes the most positive impression. Surprisingly, the song “Indian Summer” is the story of one memory! A man remembers the most beautiful moment in his life. Namely, a meeting with a beloved woman. The clip turned out very cool and soulful! This song was first released in 1975! And almost immediately won

Worldwide popularity! This song has also been performed in other languages. In the Russian version, it was sung by Valery Obodzinsky. It is worth recognizing that this melody is very recognizable. The most interesting, but this song has its own history. And in the original it is called “Africa”. And the meaning is very far from the song of Joe Dassin. In my opinion, it’s good that it was redone! She got a lot better! And thanks to Joe Dassin, this song has become a real legend. It was nice to hear from her again! Let’s revisit the timeless classic! Just great.