Incredible Andrea Bocelli with stunning – Vivo per lei. She’s so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes

The whole world knows this incredibly talented person! The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli was born in September 1958 in the small village of Lajatico, which is located in Tuscany. The boy’s family had nothing to do with music, but Andrea connected his life with her for a reason. At 12, he became blind due to glaucoma. He was saved only by a player with Italian operas, which Andrea listened to all the time. A little later, the guy hummed and memorized songs.

Thus he began to play flute, saxophone and piano. How strong he is morally that after such a tragedy he did not lose the desire to do something in life. Now he is known and respected by millions, and the shelves in Andrea’s house are bursting with awards.

If you are familiar with Andrea’s work, then do it right now! The song “Vivo per lei” is perfect for this. She will tell you a beautiful story of love and love torment. It certainly will not leave you indifferent. Be sure to enjoy this clip and share with all your friends.