A girl who conquered the hall with her voice and sense of rhythm.

This little girl named Larissa managed to conquer the jury and the audience with her voice and amazing sense of rhythm. When she began to sing a cappella, intricately tapping out the rhythm of the melody, the audience froze, and therefore burst into a storm of emotions. Little children, without exaggeration, are the weakest and most defenseless creatures on our planet. They cannot go to the toilet themselves, protect themselves, complain that something hurts or bothers them. They require a lot of attention and constant care. All of this, of course, is done

Parents. It is very good, of course, when there is a mom and dad nearby. They will always help, they will do everything that is necessary, they will play, develop, etc. It is very important to properly educate children so that they grow up to be decent people. Parents themselves should serve as a good example for them. Children are a reflection of their parents, they copy their behavior. And therefore it is very important to behave with dignity, do not drink, do not smoke in front of the child, do not use obscenities if you do not want your child to behave inappropriately in the future.