The talented dancer and his team gave the most incendiary zumba.

Most likely, you know that the Zumba dance is one of the most beautiful and energetic types of dance that is performed in all corners of the earth. Marlon Alves is a popular choreographer from Brazil, who actively maintains his own channel, where he uploads excerpts from performances with his professional team. They not only demonstrate polished movements, but also create a unique Latin American atmosphere for recording each of the videos. You should definitely see this

Performance. We have no doubt that you will love it! From the moment that Alberto Perez named the Spanish word for “bell” a dance fitness program aimed at losing weight and raising vitality, the world started talking about zumba. Today, the ZUMBA® Fitness brand has gained millions of fans, classes are taking place in countries all over the world, more licensed instructors are striving to teach Zumba and more and more fans

Programs come together to once again feel this amazing atmosphere. What is the secret of such popularity? In a unique concept that combines dance movements to the most fashionable hits of modern music, a crazy drive, like at a real party, genuine emotions and a powerful healing effect – burning fat, keeping muscles in good shape, developing coordination, excellent mood and positive emotions. Zumba is a fat-burning workout all muscle groups of low and medium intensity.