73,000,000 views. It is impossible to sit still while listening to this hit.

I still love listening to it! Now, along with the American dream, the Spanish dream has the right to exist. She owes her appearance to the girls from the group “Las Ketchup”, who hit the nail on the head with the fervent song “Asereje”. True, this happened under very mysterious circumstances … Pilar, Lola and Lucia Munes are sisters. The eldest, Pilar, is 23 years old. A lover of fashionable clothes, expensive boutiques and elegant handbags. Seems like a typical ladies set. However, in this case, it is difficult to judge its owner by the handbag.

It turns out that this very purse contains a diploma from the Higher School of Fine Arts of Cordoba. The next of the sisters is 21-year-old Lola. Her biography, at first glance, is also very banal: she began to sing at the age of 12, began to perform at small parties, discovered unprecedented artistic talents, etc. In general, it is ridiculous to the point of colic. But even here it is not so simple. It turns out that this girl has already managed to thoroughly spoil the granite of science with her teeth and received a bachelor’s degree in labor relations.

The youngest of the sisters is Lucia, she is 20 years old. She has not yet decided on a profession; it’s not a fact that even now, after such success, it will be determined. The girls had no plans to unwind as a pop group. Pilar planned to live in Madrid and work as an actress, and Lola was engaged in singing and dancing in the flamenco style and participated in local flamenco projects. she says.