8.5 million views. Listen to how this girl sings and you will understand why.

10 year old Filipina won the hearts of millions. To sing like this, the stars have been training for years. But, this girl clearly has an innate talent. It is impossible to even imagine how she will be able to sing, developing her abilities further. You will definitely still hear this voice from the biggest stage in the World. 8.5 million views! Listen to how this girl sings and you will understand why. To create an image, you need to know the plot of the work – speech and music.

And in order to create an artistic image, the singer must read a lot, especially poetry, in order to feel the poetic image of the work being performed. You need to read the lyrics the way a dramatic artist would. To be convincing and perform a work in your own way, you need a developed imagination, when a vivid vision helps to emotionally convey the content and make the performance convincing. To convey and reveal the image of the work

It is necessary to understand, to feel the text. And in the speech – to convey to the audience. And for this, the vocalist must have performance reliability – unmistakably, steadfastly and without fail accurately perform a musical composition and convey his emotional attitude to the work. But for a vocalist, it is important not only to feel the artistic image, but to display feelings sharply, strongly, with a wide range and variety of transitions emotional colors.