Legendary Hit Performed by Monica Belucci. Can’t Stop Listening.

Actress Monica Bellucci is simply amazing with her talent. In addition to a very beautiful appearance, she has excellent vocal abilities that any singer can envy. In the picture of Ville-Marie, she performed Elvis Presley’s amazing hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. In the center of the plot of this film, there are several characters who are confused by their problems, while they are interconnected by unpredictable circumstances. The heroine of Monica – Sophia Bernard, is a successful French actress who

Arrives in Montreal to star in the next picture. At the same time, the girl also pursues another goal: the adult son of the actress lives in this town, with whom the unfortunate mother has not seen for a long time. The young man is not eager to meet with a relative, because his mother hides information about his father from him. Also in the picture we are talking about an ambulance driver who suffers from a severe mental illness. It is difficult to imagine how their destinies are intertwined, however, throughout the film

Viewers can watch the incredible adventures of adults who have made mistakes in the past and do not seek to correct their deeds. It should be noted that the song presented by Bellucci has been covered a large number of times, while in her performance it sounds very gentle and elegant. Well, the image of the actress will certainly cause delight: she chose a beautiful vintage gold-colored dress that cannot but delight. Watch the video below and enjoy her excellent vocal abilities: