This baby’s name is Mia, she is only one and a half years old and she is a very energetic child. The girl dances every day when she hears rap.

Little children are charming creatures that always make adults smile with their behavior. Kids always amaze with their funny antics and the positive that they radiate. A small child in a family is a great happiness.

And watching the baby explore the world around him is a pleasure. He still has so many new and amazing things to learn! Children are the most direct, most sincere and honest on this planet. No one can express emotions as openly as they do.

For young children, there is no definite framework and understanding that he is somehow worse than others, and for some reason, cannot do this. Children are amazing creatures. With their cute and funny tricks, they bring joy to everyone around them.

If there is a small child in the house, then the whole world revolves around him. The little “general” is in complete command of this parade, and everyone must conform to him. So is the heroine of this video, a little girl named Erin Fitzgerald

He talks seriously to his father. This little person has a difficult character, but she does not yet know about it. Some say that she already has the personality of a teenage girl, and this is easy to see by watching this video.

This little girl with her morals will definitely make you smile and cheer you up for the whole day. If you liked this cute dialogue between baby and father, please share it with your friends! More fascinating articles and touching videos can be found here.