Baby at 5 months talks great.

Children are the main ones, so parents should take care of them. Of course, you need to feed the children, buy toys for them, entertain them. Be sure to help with your studies, do not burden with household chores! And not especially to prohibit: playing a computer, watching videos, walking, sleeping late. When a child is still quite a baby, does not understand anything, then you need to decide for him. But when he is

An adult, conscious person!.. Before, my mother told me to go to sleep during the day, but now – no. More precisely, she can say that if I suddenly feel like it, then I can sleep. But what kind of sleep is there – there are so many things to do all the time! And lessons, and all sorts of interests. Mindfulness begins, I believe, with the first grade. The student already has a job – responsibility, he has a schedule, assignments.