The kid could not, but the dog said mom.

Babies are a huge blessing for every family. Parents with the advent of the child seem to become small too and begin to enjoy every stage of the baby’s life, every news in his life, every toy.

The most important moments are usually the first word and the first step. Different children develop differently. All parents take care of their children for hours and days just to hear the first word. We invite you to watch a video in which a mother is spoon-feeding a baby, and constantly asks to finally say

Mom, to give the baby a spoonful of their favorite porridge as a reward. The kid doesn’t say a word. But a dog sits nearby, which reacts very emotionally to the same spoon with porridge, constantly monitors the reaction of the baby. In the end, you can see how a hungry dog ​​simply can’t stand it and unexpectedly says the word mom herself.

The kid suddenly realizes that next to him is a student better than him, who can get his porridge! And he couldn’t pass his exam. Interestingly, the dog was more worried about the baby, or wanted to get porridge herself.