German Shepherd And Baby Play Chase Together. Just look at the dog’s reaction.

Hello dear readers. We have prepared this article so that you can once again be convinced that pets are the best friends of kids. Well, as you understand, in this article we will tell one story from the category “Friendship of kids and pets”.

One couple posted a very funny video online. This is an ordinary couple from the USA, who had a baby, about which they were very worried. The reason for this was the presence of a German shepherd in their family, and the young couple did not

She knew how the dog would react to the addition to the family. However, later they realized that they worried in vain. The kid is so friendly with the dog. They constantly spent time together. They ate and played together until the moment came that the parents began to be jealous of their child for the dog.

You just have to see how this couple plays! The kid taught the dog to play catch-up, and they began, playing noisily, to smash the house. Just morbid! And how did the kid manage to teach the pet to play with him so well?