The kid laughs at how dad fixes the chair.

Parents are those adults who exhaust the whole Universe for a little man, a model of the universe. In the early years, the child is isolated from most of the experience, but he masters most of the experience of being on this very “model”. And such forced isolation lasts for a child for years. And you probably guess that in early childhood one year is a whole life. So imagine that up to five or seven years old, a child lives in a special universe where the gods and the most

Clever and fair creatures are his parents. And there is nothing else around the little man. Therefore, if a child grows up with the belief “This world is unfair”, then one should turn to his early childhood experience6 perhaps his parents were unfair to this person when he was a child. The situation is common, which is why the thought of tired adults that “The whole world is a swamp …” is so common. Not surprisingly, the rest of life is often

Just an exact plaster cast from the “mould” that childhood asked. Since parents (and no one else) are responsible for the fact that we often turn out to be unhappy, “stubborn” and simply not very smart in later life, a whole movement has arisen in society to limit parental power over children. Voices began to be heard that such a serious thing as education should be dealt with by professionals, and not by eccentric, narrow-minded and selfish inhabitants.