The 2-year-old dancer has amassed 45 million views on YouTube.

At just 2 years old, a kid named William (William Stokkebroe) blew up the Internet and became mega popular thanks to his groovy improvisational dance. It should be noted that the boy’s parents are professional dancers. They often take their son with them to various performances, competitions and concerts. In such a creative atmosphere, it is simply impossible not to feel the spirit of the dance, and William also could not resist. At one of the concerts, the boy suddenly realized that he was no worse than those who performed in this

Day on the floor. He danced, so much so that the audience could not calm down for a long time! Rate and you his dance! We guarantee that positive charge is provided for you! Dancing for kids is not only physical training. Through dance, the child develops a sense of rhythm, an ear for music, a love for music and beautiful plastic movements. If you notice that your child is happy to copy the movements of the dancers he sees on TV, then you can be sure that he will be interested in dancing, and in this lesson

His great talent may show. In addition, dance lessons for young children (from 1.5 years old) is an exciting creative process aimed not only at their coordination, grace and plasticity, but also at the development of thinking and attention. Memorizing dance combinations, the child actively trains memory. Each dance class contains acting exercises and elements of emancipation training. Dances for children 1.5-4 years old consist of a fun warm-up, coordination exercises, fabulous stretching.