Your head will spin while watching this dance.

Pair dances after sixty years are different, of course, taking into account age. Waltz, Charleston or, in extreme cases, tango? You are wrong, and at seventy you can dance rock and roll! Spouses from Australia, Ditmar and Nelly, have long passed over seventy, but they have not grown old in soul and continue to delight the surrounding people and their relatives with their dances. The fact is that Dietmar and Nelly have been professional dancers for many years and have been dancing almost all their lives. Therefore, a married couple is often invited to various events and celebrations.

To show their skills. This time the couple performed at the graduation party of one of the Australian colleges. Dietmar and Nelli didn’t “load” young spectators with classic slow dances, but presented the guests of the evening with an unexpected surprise. As soon as the cheerful music began to play, the couple began to dance the real rock and roll very energetically. Moreover, the dancers moved so smoothly and quickly that one might think that they were twenty years old. Of course, Dietmar and Nelli did not perform high tosses and somersaults

But some of their movements could well be called quite complex and even acrobatic. By the way, the couple thought out not only their wonderful dance, but also their costumes, which fully corresponded to the fashion of the fifties and sixties, when rock and roll was especially popular. Be sure to watch our video, especially if you have already reached adulthood. Perhaps the energy of the heroes of the video will inspire you to new achievements, and you will seriously think about becoming a professional dancer.