This guy is clearly from another planet. Dancing cool.

American dancer Marquese Scott was born in 1981. He began to admire dancing as a child, watching local figure skaters. In high school, he became interested in dancing seriously. This increase did not pass even while serving in the army, and not just anywhere, but in the US Navy! Even there, Marquese Scott managed to find an opportunity to dance. After serving, Marquez studied a variety of dance techniques, developing his own style. Well then. He succeeded!

Sometimes it seems that he has learned to overcome the laws of gravity. He perfectly controls his body, maintaining balance in completely unthinkable poses. He very subtly feels the music, changing the mood and dance steps in accordance with the changes in its melodic and rhythmic pattern. Each of his dances is a separate work of art. Personally, I like his dance to the music of Adele “Set Fire in the Rain” the most. Look – it’s a fairy tale.

Scott had a huge impact on people of all ages who started dancing. Scott’s 53rd YouTube upload, a 2011 video of him dancing to the Butch Clancy remix of Augmented Folk Kicks is what catapulted Scott to stardom. The dubstep remix “Pumped Up Kicks” went viral, reaching 1.5 million views in four days and over five million in one week. The viral video currently has over 138 million views.