The 90-year-old grandmother stunned the audience with her incendiary dance.

The grandmother in this video is called Jean Veloz and she is a Hollywood swing legend. During the event, she danced with dance instructor Lindy/Swing at the FatCat Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona. Jean Veloz took to the dance floor to wave to the audience. But soon her exit turned into a unique dance number, reminiscent of a movie of the 40s. The song that Gene and Steve dance to is called “I’m Starting to See the Light”. This is a popular song written by Duke Ellington, Johnny.

Hodges and Harry James. And the text is the work of Don George. The song was published in 1944. You should definitely see this amazing performance. We are sure it will not leave you indifferent. Dance – rhythmic, expressive body movements, usually built into a specific composition and performed with musical accompaniment. Dance is perhaps the oldest of the arts: it reflects the need of a person, dating back to the earliest times, to convey to other people their joy or sorrow.

Through your body. Almost all important events in the life of a primitive man were celebrated with dances: birth, death, war, the election of a new leader, the healing of a sick person. The dance expressed prayers for rain, for sunlight, for fertility, for protection and forgiveness. Dance pas (fr. pas – “step”) originate from the basic forms of human movement – walking, running, jumping, bouncing, jumping, sliding, turning and swinging. Combinations of such movements gradually turned into pas of traditional dances.