This song and dance is just great. Positive for the whole day.

Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato – “Marlon Alves” … This song and dance is just great … Positive for the whole day! What a beautiful video and good choreography… How cool… Warm… sun, energetic dance! The song was called “Échame La Culpa”. The song’s title translates as “Blame Me”. Yesterday, Demi posted a teaser of the song and video, and Fonsi was the first to declassify the name of the song by posting it on his Instagram. The video was posted on Fonsi’s YouTube channel and has already gained 1.6 million views.

Dance is one of the types of art, the material for creating the image and artistic figures in it is the human body. Rhythmic movements, plasticity, expressive postures are all components of the dance. This is an art that allows you to embody any emotion, state of mind, convey feelings and moods through the movements of your body, through movement in space. Dance is inextricably linked with music. He, as it were, embodies its content, conveys the composition, the idea. Modern dance is

A great way not only to show and show yourself on the dance floor, but also an opportunity to get to know yourself better, dive into the depths of self-consciousness. Modern dance is a transfer of understanding of the surrounding world through the prism of modernity – pop music, mainstream, clothing style, looseness. This type of dance was created for those who are fond of modern trends in music, who love parties and clubs, for those who are not shy body. Modern dance is modern to keep up with the times.