A little girl saw an Irish dancer and captivated her with her charming movements.

A two-year-old girl spotted an Irish dancer on the streets of Galway, Ireland, and joined her with her adorable dance moves. Fortunately, the girl’s parents had a phone in their hands, and they managed to capture this magnificent moment. The girl gave a positive not only to random passers-by, but also to millions of viewers on the Internet who saw this positive video. The more the child wants to live in accordance with the ideal self, the more vulnerable he becomes to failure..

And, as a result, extreme shyness. To appear with a shy expression on the face is a threat to the “I”, especially in adolescence, when one’s own image and one’s own body are relatively more vulnerable. In child psychology, the image or schema of the body is the central and most stable element, the “core” of self-consciousness. Violation of the consciousness of one’s psychophysical, bodily identity is one of the most severe mental disorders. But it is necessary to distinguish between two points: firstly, feeling and

Consciousness of one’s physical identity, when the body acts as a “carrier”, “receptacle” or “embodiment – I”; secondly, the body, as appearance, appearance, manifestation of the “I”, evaluated by its impact on others, depending on their perception and its criteria. If the first is really original, arbitrary from spontaneous self-sensations, then the second has a distinct social nature. The popularity of the child and his location among peers to a certain extent depend on his physique and physical attractiveness.