How do they charge their bachata dances. Watch the video.

Very plastic girl! Charming, smiling and very confident! This is the main recipe for success! The incredible plasticity of this girl is mesmerizing. Each movement is perfected to filigree. I really liked their performance. It is full of positivity and optimism. Cheerful music and fiery bachata. This certainly spectacular dance comes from the Dominican Republic. It originated in the 60s of the last century. Previously, bachata was called noisy celebrations of the poor. Here

Therefore, music and this dance has long been considered rude and unworthy of a more privileged class. And only in the 80s this genre gained immense popularity, including dances. Filled with bright and very strong emotions, he quickly gained a lot of fans. The heroes of this video are professional dancers, world bachata stars Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger, known as Attack and Alemana (Ataca & La Alemana). The girl just radiates

Charm. So deftly move, to achieve such a result is worth a lot of effort. She is a real master, that’s for sure! It’s impossible to tear yourself away from such beauty, a very beautiful couple and dance! Another useful feature of the dance is the existing contact between the partners, which, if properly approached, instills in the partners a sense of trust in each other. Through the dissolution of boundaries, the natural corporeality and its healing potential are awakened. An attempt to penetrate deeper gives an understanding and experience of the depth of possibilities.