The kid grabbed the cat’s hind legs. Mom filmed everything on video and now the whole world is watching.

Young parents often worry about whether their pets will get along with the baby. And their fears are not always unfounded. Suddenly they will harm him, injure or cause allergies. Unfortunately, often because of such thoughts, cats and dogs even end up on the street. After all, the child does not understand what he is doing. Suddenly he annoys the cat. This beautiful cat named Lamsey passed the test brilliantly.

She does not care about the appearance of a noisy little man in the house. She is ready to love her new owner. Yes, and he already stuck to her with all his heart. Even if you just walk down the street and see a baby who smiles carelessly at you, your mood immediately involuntarily rises. And vice versa. If you see a child crying for some reason, then why the mood starts to fall.