Wow. From Her Dance Men Nervously Smoke Away.

Do you think girls can’t dance lezginka? You are wrong. The video clearly shows that this is not the case. A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress at her friend’s wedding dances this dance so incendiary that even men give a standing ovation. No one expected such agility and skill from her. What a good fellow! This girl will surely remain one of the most vivid memories of this holiday. No contests and toastmasters can overshadow her incendiary dance! How

Fun and fervently, she manages to move her legs and gracefully make movements with her hands! Well done keep it up! Clearly, she was rehearsing. Women start dancing to feel feminine and desirable. Everyone is looking for bright emotions and find them in dance. Someone starts dancing to please, to surprise, to be beautiful. Someone is fond of dance, as it has sentimentality, sublimity, spirituality, grace and beauty. Someone

He loves chic, glitter, sparkle, luxury, music, rhythms, fun. Someone loves extravagance, outrageousness, unusualness, strangeness, experiment, innovation, search, research, creativity. Someone loves emotionality, expressiveness, temperament, risk, extreme. Dance is a small life! Dance is a song of the soul, joy and pain. As Mata Hari once said: “Dance is a poem, and all movements in it are words.” I think everyone tells their own story through dance, unlike any other.