Experts warn: Wi-Fi is a silent killer that slowly kills us

Almost everyone has a Wi-Fi network in his home because it’s the most convenient way to stay connected to the Internet. But there are also safety concerns about this, and some experts believe that Wi-Fi can harm overall health, especially in children.

Wi-Fi has a negative impact on many things, from the quality of our sleep to brain health. The devices are connected to a Wi-Fi router that emits WLAN signals, which are actually electromagnetic waves.

These signals are harmful to our overall health, and according to a study by the British Health Agency, a wireless router has harmful effects on the development of humans and plants.

Wi-Fi Dangers:

Hurts child’s development

A Wi-Fi router emits non-thermal radio frequencies radiation that interferes with the normal development of cells, and this particularly affects the development of fetus. It’s a radiation that affects developing tissues in fetuses, infants and children, and they are more vulnerable than older people to it.

Hurts sperm production

Exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduces sperm movement and can cause DNA fragmentation. Moreover, this can have an effect on fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Causes insomnia

Wi-Fi also affects the quality of sleep. If you feel that you can’t sleep or do not sleep well, it may be due to low frequencies from your Wi-Fi and mobile phone. People who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation find it more difficult to fall asleep, and we all know that if you do not sleep well at night, it can cause serious health complications.

Interferes with brain function

Wi-Fi affects concentration and brain function. It will reduce brain activity and as a result, you may experience concentration problems or memory loss.

Causes heart problems

There are many people who experience a physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, including an increase in heart rate. This means that Wi-Fi increases the risk of heart problems and cardiovascular disease.

Increases cancer risk

When the human body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, over time it will increase the risk of developing tumors.

How to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation

  • Do not put the router in the bedroom or kitchen
  • Do not keep your cell phone in your pocket, certainly not when you’re home or at work
  • To reduce electromagnetic radiation at home, use a wired telephone
  • If you are pregnant, never hold your cell phone close to your stomach
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is away from you when you sleep, or when you drive
  • Never use a wireless monitor for babies because they work on microwave frequencies
  • Before you go to sleep, disconnect Wi-Fi devices