What do you see first? First image you spot in optical illusion reveals your biggest strength

The first image you see is this spooky optical illusion is said to reveal your biggest personality strength

The left side of the brain is associated with being more analytical and verbal, and is better at tasks such as reading and writing.

By comparison, the right side of the brain is considered more creative and is said to be more visual and intuitive.

What do you see in this image?

This black and white image, shared by Your Tango, is thought to reveal a lot about your personality based on how you interpret it.

There are three different ways it can be viewed, and the image you spot first is said to be linked to your biggest strength.

The little girl
Those who spotted the little girl first are said to be very determined.

These individuals tend to move past life’s difficulties and are able to overcome obstacles with comfort.

People who see the little girl reportedly have a youthful spirit which makes them determined to face challenges that other people may struggle with.

They are said to have a calm perspective in life which means they do not bow under pressure, even under difficult circumstances.