A former Britain’s Got Talent star whose dog ‘hypnotised’ Simon Cowell has revealed the pooch is actually a fake.

Remember the hypnotized dog on Britain’s Got Talent that mesmerized the audience and judges? Well, it turns out the whole performance is completely fake! Here are all the details plus how Krystyna Lennon fooled Simon Cowell on ‘BGT’.

How did this trick fool Simon Cowell on ‘BGT’ to say it was a risky move… it all really stems from the famous ‘placebo effect’! Here’s what contestants had to say about it all:”It’s not fair to chain everyone and let them believe she has superpowers when she doesn’t have any powers. Not that the Princess has powers – she’s just an ordinary dog often – that people believe she has power.

Simon was never really hypnotized by this cute little pup, he just thought it made him feel pretty sleepy. What’s really embarrassing about all of this is that Cowell says he thinks the act is ‘100% real’!Krystyna Lennon, 45, took the talent show by storm when German Spitz Princess, 11, left a dozen audience members and hosts, Ant and Dec, on the floor during her audition in 2015 – claiming it was her hypnotic pooch’s wide pupils and deep stare which drew people into a trance.

The mum-of-three and her fluffy assistant went on to enjoy a long and celebrated career on stage, travelling all over the world while Princess hit headlines for hypnotising other celebrities including James Corden, Nadia Sawalha, and Drew Barrymore.But with the pooch set to retire from the limelight, Krystyna has exposed the truth behind Princess’ ‘powers’ for the first time – revealing people only fall into the trance because they believe they are being hypnotised, and she has no special abilities.

The professional hypnotist from Leeds, West Yorkshire, said: ‘I’ve decided to tell the truth because Princess is retiring.

‘It’s not fair to string everybody along and let them believe she has super powers when she doesn’t have any. It’s not that Princess has powers – she’s just an ordinary dog – it’s that people believe she has powers.’It’s all about belief, I have to make her victims believe they are going to be hypnotised by a dog. I have had some doubts about revealing the truth, but it’s part of my story because the work I am trying to do now is getting people to realise that they are hypnotised by loads of things in everyday life and they just don’t realise.

‘I’ve had an absolutely hilarious journey and have had the chance to meet so many celebrities who all say they have been terrified or really excited to meet me. It does make me laugh when I look back at all the people I’ve hypnotised and they believe that the power lies with the dog.’