Daughter placed a hidden camera in her mother’s nursing home – the videos revealed a dark secret by the crew

The three daughters of a 71-year-old woman had a bad feeling every time they went to visit their mother in the nursing home.

It went on for a long time, before one of them suggested to install a hidden camera. The goal was to see if there was any basis for their concerns about their mother being abused.

And after they installed the cameras and watched what they recorded, they discovered far more than they could ever imagine. What the camera documented was simply shocking.

The three sisters suspected that very strange things were happening in their mother’s nursing home. Joy Lewis suffers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, so it was difficult for the girls to get answers from her about what was going on.

But they knew something was going on when she managed to tell them that the staff did not like her. The suspicions immediately rose, and the sisters decided to act according to their gut feelings.

The plan

They began to think about what to do and eventually decided to install a hidden camera in their mother’s room. What they recorded in the end was much more shocking than they thought.

On the camera they saw the crew pulling Joy with their hands. When she resisted, they dragged her to the floor. At one point in the video, the 71-year-old woman was crying, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

It was the young daughter, Kelly, who bought a clock with a camera on Amazon. She explained: “I felt guilty and my heart pounded when I installed it. I told the staff that I thought it would help my mother with her confusion if she always saw from her bed what time it was, what it recorded was a big shock for us. To see these videos, to see my mother crying, it broke my heart”.

On several occasions in the video, Joy asks to go to the bathroom but is simply ignored. The team shows no interest in helping her, and she remains weeping and has to deal with the situation herself.

The abuse took place at the nursing home in Nottinghamshire, England, and three employees were found responsible in the end. When the films were published, they could not deny their actions and were fired from their jobs. They were also put on trial and sentenced to service and suspended prison sentences.

“We are angry that they received only a suspended sentence, they confessed to the charge only because they were filmed and recorded in the videos”, said the eldest daughter, Teresa Bestwisk, in an article that was published in the Mirror.

It infuriates us to hear about such things, and the worst part is that there are many, many old people who suffer from similar situations without anyone knowing. Share this to raise awareness. Help us ensure that no one else will be a victim for this kind of abuse in the future.