Elvis Presley – Blue Suede Shoes | David Thibault | The Voice France 2015 | Blind Audition

David Thibault is a French-Canadian singer who started season 4 of “The Voice: la plus belle voix”. In the competition, he placed third but was a huge fan favorite throughout the competition. Thibault became interested in Elvis Presley as a child because his grandfather was a fan of The King of Rock and Roll. When Thibault performed a cover of Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” in December 2013, a radio station uploaded it to YouTube. Within a week, the cover of David’s classic Christmas song went viral and received nearly five million views.

After his “Blue Christmas” video went viral, David gained even more attention when he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as a special guest on Ellen. David performed Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes” for his blind audition and it aired in January 2015. Only one trainer, Florent Pagny, turned around, but that was it. all he needs. Under Pagny’s training, David won a battle against Ketlyn and Olympe Assohoto. With Elvis songs, David Thibault seems to have found his niche. One of his favorite songs is “Blue Suede Shoes”. What many people don’t know is that this song wasn’t actually written by Elvis or recorded by Elvis.

Although one of Elvis’ most popular songs, “Blue Suede Shoes” was first written and recorded by artist Carl Perkins in 1955. One of the earliest rockability records, the song Singing combines elements of blues, country and pop music. . After Elvis recorded the song, he performed it three different times on live national television. Elvis was a new artist signed to RVA Victor, and they wanted him to perform the song. They just have a feeling that he can do it very well. According to guitarist Scotty Moore, the “Blue Suede Shoes” recording session with Elvis was a very relaxed, fun atmosphere.

David performed Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes” Enjoy this new classic style performance.The Voice

When the group recorded the song, Moore said to just “get in there and start playing,” and basically “just give it wings.” Elvis clearly had a relaxing day, and the rest of them followed suit. Enjoy this new classic style performance.