Cancellation of the performance! What about Adriana?

But the two of them fooled the jury well: ten-year-old Adriana and her father Raimund Brandt appear disguised as singing talents on the stage of “Das Supertalent”. And quite unexpectedly, they turn out to be real hip-hop artists.

Dressed in a white kaftan, Adriana appears in front of the jury with Papa Raimund Brandt. She sings the first lines of “Hanana” a little shyly. Then Adriana suddenly runs off the stage. The jurors Dieter Bohlen, Sylvie Meis and Bruce Darnell are irritated. Did the little one get stage fright?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In a blatant checker look, the Essen native jumps back onto the stage and performs a hip-hop number with her father in a totally cool and casual way.
The result: thunderous applause and standing ovations from the audience and the jury! Bruce Darnell, who has been behind the jury’s desk for eleven years, has never seen a performance like this: “What you delivered today is absolutely amazing!”

And Dieter Bohlen is also enthusiastic: “You screwed us up at the beginning! You have a huge talent – ​​you can’t learn that. That was right on point.” Of course there is a clear “yes” from all three jury members and a high-five for Adriana from the proud dad.

The super talent of 2018: Adriana and Papa Raimund surprise with a cool hip-hop interlude