Girl’s letter to Boris saying she’d cancelled her own party while he partied

A little girl said she didn’t mind cancelling her seventh birthday party ‘so everyone would be ok’ as Covid hit– months before the prime minister attended his own.

Boris Johnson praised Josephine for staying home on her big day in March 2020, saying she had ‘set a great example’ to Brits – and even hashtagging ‘#BeLikeJosephine’.

The child made the sacrifice along with millions of other people who missed last opportunities to see dying loved ones and watched funerals on Zoom.

But Britain’s leader has now been hit with a humiliating fine for breaking the rules he set.

Up to 30 people reportedly sang the Tory leader happy birthday and presented him with a cake in the Cabinet Room on June 19.

Labour has accused Mr Johnson of ‘lying to kids’ after Josephine’s letter resurfaced today.

Meanwhile, a mum whose son, 21, died with a brain tumour during the second lockdown has blasted the ‘despicable’ PM, saying ‘we gave up so much’.

In the message, sent days before the first lockdown officially started, Josephine wrote: ‘Dear prime minister, I want to let you know it is my birthday today but I am staying at home because you asked us to.

‘I think mummy and daddy might have to cancel my birthday party but I don’t mind because I want everyone to be ok.

‘Please keep working hard to keep us all well. Are you remembering to wash your hands? Lots of love, Josephine.’

Mr Johnson replied on March 21 saying he was ‘sorry to hear about the party’ but was glad she was following guidance.

‘We have all got to do our bit to protect the NHS and save lives, and that is exactly what you are doing, so well done!’, he said.

‘You are setting a great example. We are working round the clock to keep people safe, and if we work together we can send coronavirus packing.

‘And once we have done that you can DEFINITELY have a party with your friends!

‘In answer to your question – I’m regularly washing my hands with soap and water for 20 seconds: the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice!’

Mr Johnson – the first sitting Prime Minister to ever have been found to have broken the law – has now apologised for the coronavirus breach.

But he insisted it ‘did not occur to him’ that he was breaking the rules and has refused to quit.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner wrote on Twitter: ‘You see, Boris Johnson wouldn’t think twice about lying to your kids to save his own skin. And that’s exactly what he did.’

Grieving mother Hazel Harrison, 39, has said she ‘cannot believe he’s still in his position as prime minister’ after her son Michael ‘missed out on so much in the last few months of his life’.

Michael had to attend doctors appointments alone as he went chemotherapy in 2020, while his family couldn’t be supported by family and friends when he passed away the next year.

‘We wanted to do the right thing – we wanted to follow the rules like everybody else’, Hazel said.

‘I guess looking back on it now, we missed out on doing all the things with him that you would have done knowing that your child is not going to be with you for much longer.

‘I didn’t really appreciate that at the time. But looking back on it now, it’s really kind of hit me with all the things that we missed out on.

‘It makes me feel like… we should have disregarded the rules ourselves. Because if (Boris Johnson) can, then why should we have sacrificed all those things?’

Many other British people have shared their stories as Mr Johnson says he wants to ‘make sure that we get on with delivering for the people in this country’.

A disabled woman who had to watch her best friend’s funeral online previously named Mr Johnson ‘a petulant child’.

Janette Irvine, 50, said she was ‘so angry’ after also losing her dad, mum and step-father during the pandemic.