Kids Bring Parents To Dance Once A Week, But Their Showstopping Final Performance Has Been Watched By Millions

Putting on your dancing shoes and hitting the dance provides numerous benefits. Not only is dancing great exercise, but it can also make you feel better just by breaking a sweat. Grooving to the music puts a smile on your face and connects you with those around you. The social and physical benefits of dancing cannot be overstated.

This mood booster can often be intimidating if you are easily embarrassed. However, once you put your fears aside and start dancing to the beat, you will soon find that your worries are overblown.

A group of kids proved this to their parents as they encouraged them to join in on a classroom dance performance.

Dance class choreographer Phil Wright clearly recognizes all of the benefits of dancing. That is why he believes that parents should also get involved in this fun activity.

Phil choreographed a special routine for both his students and their parents. The song selection was also perfect. By choosing the upbeat tune “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire, he set the stage for a bouncy performance.

Once the song started, the parents could not help themselves and had to get in on the action on the dance floor as well.

Watch the performance for yourself to see the crazy dance moves the children and parents mastered:

Watching this video makes you realize just how much bonding can come out of dancing. After you’ve watched this snazzy performance, be sure to spread the happiness to everyone that you know. Maybe it will inspire others to get out on the dance floor, exercising their body as well as their soul!