Simon stops student on piano only to called a “star” with 2nd song

There’s such a beautiful meloncholy to his voice.

20-year-old New York native Kieran Rhodes got accepted in the Berklee College of Music after deciding that he wanted to play the piano and sing even though he loved baseball.

He was a Division 1 baseball player in college, but it was in his freshman year of high school when Rhodes made the sudden decision to pursue music.

“Music came out of nowhere and I taught myself how to play and write. I just had a sudden urge to be a musician and my life took a complete right turn,” he said.

He seems like a shy, humble kid but don’t let his looks fool you. This guy can play, and he can really sing.
“I think AGT is the best place for me to introduce myself to the world,” he explained.

Kieran received a standing ovation, and even the judges had nothing but praises for him. With talent like that, you bet Rhodes is going to the next round!

Watch and listen to this very talented young man below!