A Young man helped an older woman replace a wheel in the car – and only later did he understand what it led to ..

When an older woman had a flat tire in one of her car wheels, she did not know how she would return home.

A young man drove along the country road and saw the woman’s car by the side of the road.

He noticed the woman sitting sadly in the car with a worried look on her face. So he decided to stop and help her.

The woman was afraid when she saw the stranger approaching her. What does he want? Does he really want to help me?

But since she did not know how to replace the wheel herself, she had no choice. So she showed him where the spare wheel was, and he quickly replaced it.

The woman thanked the man and offered to pay him for the job. But he didn’t want to take money from her. Instead, he just told her: “Just think of me when you see someone that needs help, remember Brian Anderson and pay for a good deed with a good deed”.

The man left. The older woman was so impressed by his kindness that she felt a little dizzy. So she went back to her car and drove up the road, and stopped in a small cafe.

When she entered the cafe, a smiling waitress welcomed her. The waitress offered her a towel so she could dry out after she got wet in the rain. At that moment, the older woman noticed that the waitress was pregnant at a very advanced stage. She was probably very tired, and still she looked and acted like the happiest and nicest person in the world”.

The older woman ordered a glass of lemonade and drank it quickly. Then she remembered Brian Anderson. SO she put a $100 bill for the drink, and when the waitress went to get her a change, the older woman had already got out of the cafe and left.

Then the waitress saw a note that the older woman had left: “A nice person helped me on the road, so now I’m helping you”. Inside the note were another $400.

The waitress felt dizzy. The baby was due to be born a month later, and the next few weeks were supposed to be very difficult. She finished her shift and left.

A few hours later she finally came home. As she went to bed, thinking how lucky she was, she leaned towards her husband, kissed him on the forehead and said, “I love you, Brian Anderson..”